£16,120 Average salary at age 20
£42,120 Average Salary
33 Average hours per week


Chartered surveyors conduct surveys related to the measurement, management, valuation and development of land, natural resources, buildings, other types of property, and infrastructure such as harbours, roads and railway lines.

Main Tasks

  • Surveys, measures and describes land surfaces to establish property boundaries and to aid with construction or cartographic work;
  • Surveys mines, prepares drawings of surfaces, hazards and other features to control the extent and direction of mining;
  • Surveys buildings to determine necessary alterations and repairs;
  • Measures shore lines, elevations and underwater contours, establishes high and low water marks, plots shore features and defines navigable channels.


Entrants usually possess an accredited degree, equivalent qualification and/or postgraduate qualification. Entrants must also have successfully completed a probationary training period and professional assessment. Entry requirements to professional bodies vary.

What Chartered surveyors studied in higher education

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What Chartered surveyors studied in higher education
Occupation Percentage Value
(L7) Human & social geography2
(F7) Science of aquatic & terrestrial environments3
(F8) Physical geographical sciences3
(D4) Agriculture5
(K2) Building33
(K1) Architecture4
(H2) Civil engineering2
(M2) Law by topic1
(J1) Minerals technology1
(K0) Broadly-based programmes within architecture, building & planning5
(N1) Business studies1
(K4) Planning (urban, rural & regional)11
(N2) Management studies21
(N3) Finance2

UK Prospects

76500 Workforce Size
2.41% Predicted growth 2024 - 2027
8149 Predicted Replacement 2024 - 2027

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