Facts & Figures

23,179 people employed in the sector
£17,750 Average wage of jobs in the Visitor Economy

The first thing that might jump to mind when thinking of a job in the visitor economy is a tour guide or travel agent but, the visitor economy’s sphere of influence covers a vast variety of different and exciting jobs.

It includes all the things that attracts visitors, the infrastructure that makes their stay possible, and the services they use whilst visiting. You could find yourself working at a leisure attraction, restaurant, or wedding venue, in one of many roles from entry-level positions right up to graduate jobs and beyond . The visitor economy sector has something for everyone.

If you love meeting and interacting with new people every day and are very organised, you likely already have what it takes to get a job within the visitor economy. You can help create a great visitor experience, whether that is being involved in the preparation of a 7-course meal or being a tour guide around a haunted building, you will help visitors have the best experience possible, making them want to return again and again.

The ability to work well with others at all levels is crucial, with jobs including lots of organisation of people and resources, as well as being able to take responsibility for the smooth running of events and services.

Other careers within the visitor economy include roles you may not expect such as heritage officer, marketing manager or interpreter as well as more standard roles such as chef, hotel manager or tour guide.

With the visitor economy being one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK and workers being in high demand, now is a great time to begin your career within the visitor economy.



These are some local businesses in Nottinghamshire operating in Visitor Economy