£15,080 Average salary at age 20
£30,680 Average Salary
36 Average hours per week


Job holders in this unit group manage, organise and coordinate business conferences, exhibitions and similar events.

Main Tasks

  • Discusses conference and exhibition requirements with clients and advises on facilities;
  • Develops proposal for the event, and presents proposal to client;
  • Allocates exhibition space to exhibitors;
  • Plans work schedules, assigns tasks, and co-ordinates the activities of designers, crafts persons, technical staff, caterers and other events staff;
  • Liaises closely with venue staff to ensure smooth running of the event;
  • Ensures that Health and Safety and other statutory regulations are met.


There are no formal academic entry requirements, although entrants typically possess GCSEs/S grades, A levels/H grades, a BTEC/SQA award or equivalent qualifications. Professional qualifications are available and may be required by some employers. Off- and-on-the-job training is available.

What Conference and exhibition managers and organisers studied in higher education

A text alternative for this canvas pie chart is provided in the data table below
What Conference and exhibition managers and organisers studied in higher education
Occupation Percentage Value
(L7) Human & social geography1
(W2) Design studies3
(L3) Sociology2
(C1) Biology1
(H3) Mechanical engineering1
(C8) Psychology3
(W1) Fine art2
(V3) History by topic1
(W3) Music3
(W6) Cinematics & photography1
(Q3) English studies5
(L2) Politics3
(R4) Spanish studies1
(R1) French studies1
(N5) Marketing3
(W4) Drama3
(M1) Law by area1
(M2) Law by topic1
(N8) Hospitality, leisure, sport, tourism & transport31
(P2) Publicity studies1
(P5) Journalism1
(V5) Philosophy1
(L1) Economics1
(N1) Business studies4
(X3) Academic studies in education1
(C6) Sport & exercise science2
(P3) Media studies3
(N2) Management studies3
(V1) History by period4
(L6) Anthropology1
(I1) Computer science1

UK Prospects

74300 Workforce Size
2.85% Predicted growth 2024 - 2027
7825 Predicted Replacement 2024 - 2027

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