£18,720 Average salary at age 20
£25,480 Average Salary
47 Average hours per week


Jobholders in this unit group assist the work of machine operatives and perform a variety of manual tasks in foundries, engineering and allied trades and in other process and plant operations not elsewhere classified in MINOR GROUP 913: Elementary Process Plant Occupations.

Main Tasks

  • Assists with the operation of furnaces and the preparation of castings;
  • Assists in setting up attachments on plant and machinery, and operates saws, shears or other equipment;
  • Conveys goods, materials, equipment, etc. to work area, assists in setting up machinery and equipment and prepares tools, lamps and other equipment for use;
  • Assists operative to mark out, bend, drill, galvanise, coat and otherwise machine metal;
  • Loads and unloads vehicles, trucks and trolleys;
  • Removes finished pieces from work area, paints or fixes identification labels or markers on products or containers;
  • Clears machine blockages, cleans machinery, equipment and tools, keeps work area tidy and clears waste and any spillages;
  • Performs a variety of manual tasks in relation to the operation of coke ovens, boilers and blast furnaces.


No academic qualifications are required. On-the- job training is provided. NVQs/SVQs may be available in some areas.

What Elementary process plant occupations n.e.c. studied in higher education

A text alternative for this canvas pie chart is provided in the data table below
What Elementary process plant occupations n.e.c. studied in higher education
Occupation Percentage Value
(L4) Social policy2
(B2) Pharmacology, toxicology & pharmacy1
(G1) Mathematics1
(W2) Design studies9
(L3) Sociology6
(B3) Complementary medicines, therapies & well-being1
(C1) Biology1
(H3) Mechanical engineering3
(C8) Psychology3
(W1) Fine art1
(F6) Geology2
(F8) Physical geographical sciences4
(W6) Cinematics & photography3
(Q3) English studies2
(L8) Development studies1
(L2) Politics1
(K2) Building1
(H1) General engineering1
(H2) Civil engineering1
(L9) Others in social studies2
(N5) Marketing3
(W4) Drama3
(M1) Law by area1
(M2) Law by topic2
(J9) Others in technology1
(P5) Journalism1
(F4) Forensic & archaeological sciences3
(H7) Production & manufacturing engineering1
(F3) Physics2
(L1) Economics1
(B4) Nutrition1
(N1) Business studies4
(X3) Academic studies in education2
(V6) Theology & religious studies1
(N4) Accounting1
(C6) Sport & exercise science9
(P3) Media studies5
(N2) Management studies1
(V1) History by period3
(N3) Finance2
(H6) Electronic & electrical engineering2
(L6) Anthropology1
(I1) Computer science1

UK Prospects

46300 Workforce Size
0.86% Predicted decline 2024 - 2027
7711 Predicted Replacement 2024 - 2027

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