£12,480 Average salary at age 20
£20,800 Average Salary
29 Average hours per week


Teaching assistants assist teachers with their day-to-day classroom work and with routine administrative tasks.

Main Tasks

  • Assists teacher with preparation or clearing up of classroom;
  • Looks after lesson materials such as paper, pencils and crayons;
  • Listens to children read, reads to them or tells stories;
  • Assists children with washing or dressing for outdoor and similar activities;
  • Makes simple teaching aids and constructs thematic displays of educational material or children’s work;
  • Helps with outings and other out-of-classroom activities.


Academic qualifications may be required by some employers, although entry is possible with relevant experience (possibly on a voluntary basis) alone. An NVQ Level 2 qualification is available. CRB clearance is mandatory.

What Teaching assistants studied in higher education

A text alternative for this canvas pie chart is provided in the data table below
What Teaching assistants studied in higher education
Occupation Percentage Value
(L4) Social policy1
(L7) Human & social geography1
(G1) Mathematics1
(W2) Design studies2
(L3) Sociology4
(C1) Biology1
(F1) Chemistry1
(C8) Psychology10
(W1) Fine art1
(X9) Others in education1
(W3) Music2
(F8) Physical geographical sciences1
(W8) Imaginative writing1
(W6) Cinematics & photography1
(Q3) English studies6
(L2) Politics1
(R1) French studies1
(W4) Drama3
(N8) Hospitality, leisure, sport, tourism & transport1
(B9) Others in subjects allied to medicine1
(V5) Philosophy1
(Q1) Linguistics1
(N1) Business studies1
(X3) Academic studies in education24
(L5) Social work3
(V6) Theology & religious studies1
(X1) Training teachers7
(C6) Sport & exercise science9
(P3) Media studies1
(V1) History by period4
(Q8) Classical studies1
(W5) Dance1

UK Prospects

338500 Workforce Size
5.40% Predicted growth 2024 - 2027
53559 Predicted Replacement 2024 - 2027

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