£16,640 Average salary at age 20
£29,640 Average Salary
49 Average hours per week


Vehicle technicians, mechanics and electricians accept calls for help and repair and service the mechanical parts and electrical/electronic circuitry and components of cars, lorries, buses, motorcycles and other motor vehicles, and repair and service auto air-conditioning systems.

Main Tasks

  • Visually checks, test drives or uses test equipment to diagnose engine and mechanical faults;
  • Removes, dismantles, repairs and replaces defective parts and prepares new parts using appropriate tools;
  • Reassembles, tests, adjusts and tunes the appropriate parts, systems or entire engine;
  • Carries out routine maintenance checks on oil and air filters, brakes and other vehicle parts/systems;
  • Diagnoses faults in electrical/electronic circuitry, removes faulty components and fits replacements;
  • Checks condition of electrical/electronic systems and carries out servicing tasks;
  • Installs additional electrical amenities such as radio/CD players, aerials;
  • Repairs and services air conditioning, heating and engine-cooling systems.


There are no formal academic entry requirements, although some employers may require GCSEs/S grades or an equivalent qualification. Training is undertaken off- and on-the-job. NVQs/SVQs at Levels 2 and 3 are available. Apprenticeships at NVQ/SVQ Levels 2 and 3 are available and take three to four years to complete.

UK Prospects

152900 Workforce Size
4.10% Predicted decline 2024 - 2027
15287 Predicted Replacement 2024 - 2027

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